When you eat, Eat GOOD. Eat WELL. Eat GREAT.


Don’t disregard the bringers of light in your life. People, things and happenings. You’re not a stjupit right? Be kind to yourself.

BEREKA / Morafe Taught Me



Lol. I feel extra good


And i’ll caution every woman that seeks my heart. It has no room for your unsure shits. It has no more elasticity to bend to your crafty wicked whim. It has no will to change and accommodate your insecurities and in all honesty will not associate with your negative view of me or it.

It is cold and broken. A brick that heavies my soul and what my head is trying to accomplish. It burns with passion for my children and the music i make and until the day i scream the darkness of it away on a stage, you will only find such passions in bed.

My giving of self to thee is not to seek reform but to belong and fit. You have your demons and my heart its own. Let’s play well together without you trying to warp me to your desired mould of politically correct man.


The funniest hashtags in a loooong while

Ink Is My Kink

Announce yourself to your life and own it. Every single morning is a new chance to have your desires born into reality. Know that. Work that truth. Earn that life. For you. Be kind to yourself.

BlackStarr keep shining

Action is important. Act out what you want out of life